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Vacation While You Work

You’re not required to book a holiday with CWI, in order to become a CWI Member. At any time, you can use our Frequency Healing program F.A.S.T to ensure your own financial and spiritual success..
You can also promote our products and courses for a great part time income, cut back on those work hours, even leave your job and take a permanent vacation with the Class Wealth International Travel Club.

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Holiday Kitty

Introduce just 18 new clients p.w and you’ll make an awesome income. Here’s why. The breakdown = $49 for Silver Membership x 20% Commission = $9.80 NZD. If you introduce 18 Clients p.w for 8 weeks = 144 Client’s. Using the Pareto Principle of 80/20. If 20% of 144 leave, a figure that’s likely to be well less anyway. You’ll receive $9.80 per month from 115 Clients.

115 x $9.80 = $1,127.00 ÷ 4.333 weeks in a month = $260.10 p.w. That means after 8 weeks you’ll have an annual holiday kitty of at least $1,127.00 x 12 months = $13,524 before tax. Learn how to write a lot of that off legally, taught within the club and you’ll be able to use most of that for a great 2 week holiday, without pinching pennies.

Remember: Many of those Members will move up to Gold, Platinum and Pro Membership, making you even more profit. The figures we’re showing you here are just the icing on the cake!

Compounding Passive Income

The real secret to why some Affiliates make millions whilst others make just enough for a holiday or two is in compounding passive income. Remember we’ve already taken out more Clients for attrition (those who leave), than we need to. Watch this income grow!

Assuming this is income after the first 2 month’s worked…

Month 1: $1,127.00 per month

Month 2: $2,254.00 per month (x2)

Month 3: $3,381.00 per month (x3)

Month 4: $4,508.00 per month (x4)

Month 5: $5,635.00 per month (x5)

Month 6: $6,762.00 per month (x6)

You now have Full Time income!

Month 7: $7,889.00 per month (x7)

Month 8: $9,016.00 per month (x8)

Month 9 : $10,143.00 per month (x9)

Month 10: $11,270.00 per month (x10)

Month 11: $12,397.00 per month (x11)

Month 12: $13,524.00 per month (x12)

That’s $13,524.00 per month ÷ 4.333 weeks = $3,121.16 per week gross income.

Year 2: $6,242.32 p.w

Year 3: $9,363.48 p.w

Year 4: $12,484.64 p.w

Year 5: $15,605.80 p.w

Year 6: $18,726.96 p.w

Year 7: $21,848.12 p.w

Remember: Many of those Members will move up to Gold, Platinum and Pro Membership, making you even more profit. The figures we’re showing you here are just the icing on the cake!

7 Years A Millionaire!

That’s just from 3 hours work p.w!

Wait….that’s too long right? You don’t want to wait 7 years to become a millionaire. You want to be like one of these self labelled gurus and cut that down to 1 – 2 years right?

Well here’s the good news!

10 X Your Profits

Want to 10x this income?

It’s more simple than you think guys. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that the higher the commission the faster you’ll get there. Yet here’s…

The Big Mistake

" - Free Affiliate Training"

The whole industy’s telling you to promote Big Ticket Items right? Here’s the problem with that. I’ve shown you real time proof using figures on this website that you’ll actually make less money if you do this…unless…

You promote Memberships – not one off sales.

That’s because it’s passive income that comes in every week, month or year and keeps on growing! Would you rather make 50% on a product or service sale of say $500 @ $250 Commission one time? Or would you rather sign up a Member to any organization at a minimum of $49 @ 20% = $9.80 x 12 months = $117.60 but doubles to $235.20 then triples in year three (most are still in), making you $352.80 plus?

The Secret To Rapid Wealth

" - Membership - Wealthy Affiliate"

The true secret to having unlimited earning potential is earning a passive income. You’ll earn this type of income from people paying a monthly fee, to be able to access products and courses in the Silver to Pro Members Areas. It’s a win win win situation. That’s because they get to purchase the products and services that will enhance their lifestyle. You get to earn 20% plus income from the monthly membership fees and products that’s purchased by the clients you’ve introduced.

Read further below, for a more detailed overview.
Traveling with Class Wealth International, you’ll literally feel like a Millionaire before you even become one. It’s an important part of what we call our Frequency Healing program F.A.S.T our World Class Permanent Lifestyle Improvement Program. Other diverse courses will follow.
Prep (Personal Revelation Empowerment Program), is the first stage of your ‘personal lifestyle improvement journey’ within F.A.S.T. To get you on your way, you’re not required to invest a single cent. Module’s 1 and 2 are free. Simply chat on Facebook, Yahoo etc and promote our products and services. We do recommend investing in the remaining Modules, if you wish to get ahead. Not only do you need to understand what it is that you’re promoting. You’ll also want F.A.S.T release for Financial and Spiritual Transfer. You can get access to Part 1 and Part 2 of our flagship product F.A.S.T completely FREE.
If you purchase one of our ‘all inclusive vacation packages’, soon to be released you’ll also receive one-on-one coaching from one of our professionally trained consultants while on holiday in some exotic location. Learn how to empower yourself to be of assistance to others in need, whilst healing the frequencies of your own past, present and future timelines. The ‘stand alone’ version without vacation package is extremely affordable, to suit any individual’s budget. Once you’ve invested in a Silver Membership you’ll be redirected to the Members Area, where you can study online.
You’ll discover through your Personal Revelation Empowerment Program, why this is so important and just how it can free your mind, body, soul and spirit and increase both your spiritual and financial freedom.

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