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Let’s face it…it’s an expensive world we all live in. To live a good life costs a reasonable amount of money. To live freely costs a lot of money. To live a great life and take care of your family too costs even more.

Despite this, there are a growing number of individuals, families and corporations gifting more money than ever before. Why? Has it suddenly become compulsory? Certainly not. It’s purely obvious, that it’s merely because they want to.

For those of us donating 10% to charity, it’s not just because we’re obligated to give away at least 10% of our increase, due to our faith, or for other reasons, but also because we genuinely want to!

Let’s face it…giving people gifts and money feels great. In fact, it feels better than earning it in the first place.

The only question that remains is how?

Those who are familiar with the term ‘leveraging’ will already know. Assuming you are intelligent, I won’t bore you with the details. We know we all have only so much time in a day to allocate to the purpose of earning an income. The way all these individuals got ahead was by creating their own company or alternatively they became ‘affiliated’ with an established company that has proven itself or at the very least seemed promising. Some chose both of these options.

Time and financial leveraging is and always will be the fastest way to become wealthy. Many are now doing just that, dedicating only an hour or more per week to using Facebook and other social media platforms to meet other discerning individuals such as them self and then introducing, in a very simple way, the website, its primary purpose and its affiliated income opportunity. For the first time in history we have teenagers making six figures a month by using YouTube. If you’ve tried affiliate incomes before and became discouraged or frustrated, guess what? We all have, before finding success. All you needed was a great product and a little more support to get you under way. Read on to see how our Affiliate Program can finally give you the breakthrough you’ve been searching for!

I created CWI for the primary purpose of helping others in need, regardless of class, age, gender, race, circumstance or creed. A light bulb went on. Why not have fun, traveling the world, looking for people to help. I believe it’s selfish to not pursue wealth. How can we help others in need, when we only have enough for ourselves and why wouldn’t we want to help out? After all, aren’t we a global consciousness! So, I combined my course on ‘Frequency Healing’ with a Professional Affiliate Program placed through a Professional Platform that pays well, called Click2Sell. The last thing to do was to wrap it all up in a unique class membership club to encourage the re-nurturing of class, virtues, morals and values within a decaying world social system. Thus, CWI or Class Wealth International was birthed in February of 2019.

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