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Prep: is Phase 1 of our program F.A.S.T and is a great start for your ‘Frequency Healing. Your spiritual and financial breakthrough journey.

What can I expect from the

F.A.S.T Training Course?

"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
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# Break through revelations about how the Illuminati, the world’s most controlling organisation, has held you back and why. If you’re unaware of who The Illuminati are and why they exist, I discuss this throughout F A.S.T in more detail.

# How you can free yourself. Not just from the Illuminati’s financial and spiritual snare. Yet, also from your own ‘past life conditioning’.

# What if you could be free from some life threatening or debilitating illness or disease? Many people have achieved this, through not just a change in their diet but also a shift in their consciousness and their attitude towards life.

# Perhaps you have an embarrasing and annoying tick, suffer from low self esteem or some other heavy burden that you wish to be rid of!

What F.A.S.T Can Do

For You

Allow me to give you a brief background of my life. This will help you to understand why you don’t have to remain a sufferer from anything nor any kind of ‘victim mentality.

Here in brief is my story. Today, I don’t suffer from any of these issues. In fact, no one would believe I suffered from any of this in my past, as I’m now an extremely confident outgoing individual who from 2024 is about to travel the world as a Professional Success Activation Coach.

Although I struggled at school, I’ve been tested with an IQ score that’s above Mensa level approaching Genius. You can achieve this too. You can also be successful in all that you do. You can become spiritually and financially free.

"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
Parts 1 & 2 FREE

A value of $119.90!

Here’s a small part of my life story…in a nutshell. I apologise if it brings to mind difficult emotions of your own. Yet, you’ll discover this itself is a part of the ‘healing’ process that you must have the courage and determination to face. The alternative is to stay within a self imposed prison of your own, for the rest of your life. I don’t want for you to have to never discover your true potential in life. We can waste so many years procrastinating which is ‘the thief of time’. Don’t waste another day in spiritual exile. Here is my story…I hope it helps…

I suffered for many years from both a tick and low self esteem, both of which plagued me into my late teenage years even through to my mid thirties. For nearly twenty years of my life, I was plaqued by isolation and loneliness which resulted in Agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia is a fear of places and situations that might cause panic, helplessness or embarrassment.

I was born with a lack of red blood cells and at 5 years of age I suffered from anaemia. My ear lobes were so transparent that I was made to eat half raw kidney to cure the condition which of course I hated.

In high school at thirteen I had a resting pulse rate of 113. I also suffered from a heart murmur that through constant exercise I finally cured at 44 yrs of age. At 13 yrs I tried subduing the embarrassment of low esteem and nobody talking to me, at the first party I had ever been to. My loving mother took me out to buy a new shirt for the party. It was a sports styled shirt with the number 13 on it. I thought it might help me fit in more, it didn’t. I spent the night clinging to a large bottle of beer. That’s how beer came in those days. That and the few glasses of beer I had consumed earlier was enough to lessen the pain of isolation and the awkwardness I felt. One of my friends was making love to a girl on a couch, concealed by a curtain. I wanted to be him. I hated being me. “It sucked, I thought”, a teenage mind, tormented. My wise and compassionate mother pretended she didn’t know that I was still somewhat drunk when she picked me up later that night. She asked about the presence of the police car. Being raised well I couldn’t lie. Someone had been shooting a slug pistol inside the rumpus room at the roof. An argument ensued and another boy had arrived with an unloaded shotgun.

“This sort of stuff isn’t supposed to happen in Auckland, New Zealand. Not here in Mt Roskill where I grew up!”, I thought. I was young and still somewhat naive. The Arthur Allan Thomas case in 1970, which saw his conviction then later a royal pardon and compensation was only 6 years earlier. Yet, crime in New Zealand of this nature was still relatively low by overseas standards. That said, only a few years later our neighbour would die at 55 yrs of age from a heart attack, caused by alcoholism. After already being New Zealand’s top  aeronautical champion in light aircraft. What a pity. I recall one night us children pleading with mum not to go next door to mediate, after he had stepped on a machete during an argument with his wife. In 1983 at age 20 mum sold the house we had all grown up in. Both my older brother by 18 mths and myself had now gone flatting, leaving only my younger brother by 7 years and my sister, younger by 4 years living with our mother. My father had always raised us well. He had provided a holiday caravan and section for us to get away to, for about a decade. He had moved out 5 years prior. Not long after, a Mormon couple bought our house. The armed offenders squad temporarily occupied it. I wonder what they thought they had gotten themselves into. The man on the other side of our once nice little haven had threatened his wife with an unloaded shot gun. Once again, the cause was alcohol. Later in 1999 I found my soul again. I’ve been a celibate Christian ever since. Allow me to digress again a little.

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I was previously a bright young boy at school. I skipped the third year of Primary school and also one of the Standard years (Senior Primary). I was now about 1 year to 18 months younger than all of my class mates. With the exception of my child hood sweet heart Marie Andrews. In fact, she was in every class that I was in from 5 years until 15 years of age, when she left school for good. Perhaps I should have done this too and got a ‘real world education’!

I later learned that it was about this time at 9 years of age that the alien abductions began. I was to endure them until 36 years of age. Most memories had been suppressed until surfacing through two remembered events in 1997 and 1998 Dec 15th at 3:15 a.m when Greys had visited me and implanted me with an R.F.I.D in my forehead and one of my right hand fingers. Proven by X-rays. These events had left me severely traumatised. In fact, one night whilst wide awake, I watched the door handle of the wardrobe coming down by itself. No doubt a portal they were using in order to arrive undetected. I fell off to sleep every night with the sheets over my head. The only way that I felt safe and the only way that I could go to sleep. As, what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Later in life I was to discover that the reverse of this is the truth and that can set you free.

"Classwealth - How To Stop Working"

At 15 years of age I experienced my first spiritual awakening. I had returned from a school camp which was run by a Christian Organization. We all enjoyed it immensely, even though many kids weren’t that into the spiritual aspects of the camp. I decided to give it a go and lasted three whole weeks of prayer and reading scriptures before returning to what I thought was ‘normal life’. One night at home about the same time period, whilst doing my teeth, I had a strange feeling. I looked up into the mirror then spun around. There was a white horse with a male rider. A man dressed in white from head to toe, cloak and all. He pointed a sword at me and said “I summon you to death”. To say that this was the most life changing event I had ever experienced is an under statement. I later learned that this was my first indication of a promised and inevitable re-birth. Spiritually that is.

At 15 years of age I was severely underweight. In fact, I weighed only 36.25 kg’s. This also contributed to low self esteem, as none of the girls were interested in this tiny frail kid. In fact, I was the smallest kid in high school, out of 1100 kids, both in height and size. I was shy and couldn’t make friends easily and so I was never invited to parties. I was often the brunt of many jokes and was picked on by bullies, both in school and out of school.

In fact, my first year in high school was in some ways the hardest. Although attending high school, there was a young boy by the name of David Brown who was one year behind me and still attending Intermediate School. Both fairly evenly sized, neither of us won nor lost the fight that he had started that day on the School bus. He almost got suspended from school for starting that fight. The following year I had to suffer his taunts. I was intimidated but not overly scared of David. The next year I was 15 yrs of age and studying for School Certificate. I had been working out at the Mt Roskill Youth and Gymnasium Centre and was starting to gain more confidence. The following year at 16 yrs and studying for U.E (University Entrance), I was starting to get my growth spurt. I had filled out a little bit but mainly I was now taller than David. It was time for David to prove his masculinity. While passing him by in the corridor one day, he shouldered me. Standing my ground, I dug mine in to his, hard. He told me I had better watch my back and had 5-6 others lined up for me after school. My dad and mum had divorced at 15 yrs, so I had no masculine figure who could intervene. The high school principal said he wouldn’t be phoning the police because these boys were junior members of a local faction of the gang ‘black power’. He said if he did, he would have bigger problems on his hands as then Senior Black Power members would get involved.

At the time in 1979 New Zealand had many issues with gangs like this that our government largely has under control now. My mother felt the best solution was to get my boss to pick me up. I had a job nearby, cleaning Post Office vans after school. However, although mum had her suspicions neither of us knew that he was latent homosexual. This is when they give the appearance they are heterosexual, when in fact they are homosexual. Latent homosexual men usually do this by having girlie magazines visible. He poured me a beer, telling me it would help to “calm me down”, then made a feeble attempt to molest me. This is what gave me the tick and heightened the Agoraphobia because it sparked a repressed memory of child molestation at 4 yrs of age, at the local kindergarten. This would come out later at age twenty when of my own volition I sought hypnotherapy to rid myself of the tick. Although I gained some insight they can’t have been great at their profession.

" - Human Frequencies"

As my confidence grew, the tick finally dissipated slowly over the mid to late thirties. However, these events that transpired had also led to me drinking too much beer in my twenties, often becoming intoxicated on the weekends, because it ‘calmed me down’. I also suffered many bouts of anger and at one stage was on medication for it. The combination of taking the drug and drinking made my face turn bright red, as the doctor had warned. Going through a break up with the jewel of my life at the time didn’t help my esteem either. In fact, she had tried to rekindle a past relationship and her cheating just added to low self esteem. I took an overdose, a concoction of a number of different pills and had to have my stomach pumped out. They stuck an enormous hose, like a garden hose, down my throat and gave me charcoal drinks to soak up the toxins. They told me this would lessen the chance of permanent damage to my bodily organs. It was more of a cry for help really. I used marijuana between 23 and 28 yrs of age as a crutch, when life got too difficult. Although I never tried anything harder.

Today, I’m a changed man. It took me many years of experimenting with various techniques to alleviate these concerns. If I had a program like CWI available in my youth I could have saved myself many years of suffrage and frustration. My program will help you to lessen and even eradicate many concerns of your own.

Will This Help Me?

"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
Parts 1 & 2 FREE

A value of $119.90!

Now, you might be tempted to think…

“Hold on. I’ve been down this road before. It never did me any good”.

“However…these techniques are ground breaking. In actual fact, they’re a combination of ancient Universal sacred truth, knowledge and wisdom fused with more modern refined versions of the same techniques. In order to facilitate these, I’ve used the same techniques I describe in this course, tapping into them from the ethereal realms of both our Universe’s past and future. I’ve compiled them into one easy to understand course that you can apply to your own personal circumstances, so that you can achieve spiritual and financial freedom more readily and far more effectively. They have been proven by many to work efficiently in providing answers to what we seek and also resolving seemingly impossible to solve issues.”

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

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What Is F.A.S.T?

CWI’s flagship product F.A.S.T is the perfect choice for rapid ‘Frequency Healing’, a powerful program.

I know this program can work for anyone who is still of at least reasonably sound mind. I’m not saying this to offend anyone. I apologize in advance if I do so.

This program requires your complete attention while you’re using it. It requires you to be able to relax and focus. Once you’re well rehearsed you can do it in a reasonably quiet place, like in your car or a quiet place in the library.

When starting out with the CWI program, ‘F.A.S.T’, especially throughout PREP or Phase 1, until you’re more adept with the program, you should try to find the most quiet room in your house. If you’re tired don’t lay down or once you relax you’ll fall asleep. If you’re a couple, it’s best to do the program alone, keeping in mind that this is your own personal journey. Of course, it’s nice to share your journey’s progress with someone you trust. Yet, it’s very important to share only intimate details with someone going through the program who is very close to you, such as a partner or spouse. Otherwise your results could be held back by negative individuals who don’t know what they’re talking about, even people who could be jealous of the positive changes they’re witnessing in your life. I’ve seen this happen. All I can do then is wonder how close that person may have been to a major breakthrough in their life, had they kept going.

It’s also important to use this course alone because it’s possible to get cross contamination from your partner, whilst you’re creating your ‘mind map’. You’ll be tapping into powerful brain wave patterns. Remembered pasts, emotions and thoughts may become intertwined, one with another, affecting your results in a major way. All distractions, such as t.v, mobile phones, children, pets etc, should be eliminated as much as possible.

We encourage you to share our site and promote your Affiliate link. If they’re genuine about changing their life for good, the website will do the rest. Don’t make the mistake many do of wasting too much time convincing people it’s for them. People will only resent you and the program. Either they’ll witness the results that you’re getting or they’ll try it out for themselves. Remember; you have one of the world’s most powerful life changing programs here. If not, the most powerful. The program will sell itself.

If you have kids, you’ll have to have someone mind them for you. It’s important to have no interruptions whilst in your thought processes. You could be on the verge of a major breakthrough, only to have it disrupted.

"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"

Parts 1 & 2 FREE

A value of $119.90!

" - Human Frequencies"

Understand That Everything Is Vibrational

First, we need to appreciate one of the greatest discoveries ever made. Many inventions have propelled both industry and humanity forwards, based on research and experiments involving sound waves and electrical impulses. One of the greatest minds of recent history was Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), credited for his valuable contributions to the advent of AC or Alternating Current. Tesla fully understood the implications of harmonic resonance and its relation to our environment.

Change Your Vibrations

Change Your Results

" - Human Frequencies"

All around us are vibrating resonances of waves at various levels. Within the human mind, from the lowest vibrations to the highest are Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. These are the 5 brain wave patterns of the human mind. We enter into these patterns during various phases of rest, Rem sleep and periods of being in the awakened non-sleep phases of our life.

Similarly, all around us every living being and every inanimate object is also vibrating in a state of ‘Morphic Resonance’. In fact everything around us and within us is vibrating at a constant state of motion, to the deepest sub-atomic state. Everything in our Universe is inter-connected. Scientists now admit that ‘space’ in fact doesn’t actually exist. Scientists have discovered that a single atom at the North Pole can affect another single atom at the South Pole.

Now, here’s where it gets really interesting and exciting. Every thought is merely an organized series of electrical impulses within the brain which is reactive within our ‘heart chakra’. This is the true power behind our emanations. Our brain is pretty much the ‘hard drive’ and our heart is the ‘modem’ or ‘internet connection’ that despatches them to our Universe. Yet, it’s not just other individuals that are receiving them. These electronic ‘signatures’ or ‘blue prints of data information’ operate just like ‘packets’ that are sent out from our pc’s, lap tops and ‘smart phones’. Electromagnetic imprints or footprints of this data are absorbed into every living being and every inanimate object. This occurs constantly day and night. However, they’re not just contained within our own Universe. They’re free to drift throughout the space time continuum and attach themselves to whatever they find ‘electromagnetically attractive’. This has often been referred to as ‘bondage’. Like draws to like, the saying goes. This is how love and hate determines who we keep in our lives and who we maintain distance from.

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?!

I spent many years of my life suffering from what I could have changed. The main reason for this was lack of spare money. Ironically, it was money that I needed the most, in order to learn ‘how to make more money’.

Here’s where many well meaning yet uninformed people get things wrong. The bible doesn’t say “Money is the root of all evil”. It simply states that “the love of money is the root of all evil’. In other words putting money before God or The Omni-present Force or The Universe or whatever else you choose to call it. That’s what many world wars and ugly custody battles have been over. Many involving land ownership.

Poverty is wrong on all levels. The more wealth or even spare cash you can acquire, the more needy people you can assist in life. It’s my opinion that it’s selfish to not want to be rich. Who can you help if you’re broke, or even satisfied with having just enough money to cover your own needs?

It’s my opinion that it’s selfish to not want to be rich.

Both internal and external turmoil and frequencies were affecting me from not just my past but also my future. Why not the present? People are often proud to tell me…”Oh I only live for the now!”. This concept is fatally flawed and here’s why.

It’s impossible to measure ‘now’. You could get all the way down to one millionth of a second which is 1.0 x 10 to the power of 6 that is to say 1.0 x 10-6. Yet time in the present exists even lower than that! In actual fact, when does ‘now’ terminate? It doesn’t right? Or at least, our brain usually doesn’t conceptualize less than a second. We say “Wait a sec” right? We don’t say “Wait 1.0 x 10-6 seconds, I’ll be right with you”.

Now, it could be perceived to be a petty argument. Yet, I just wanted to make a point that really only the past and the future can truly exist, at least in measurable quantities that our brain can handle. That’s why, from here on in you’ll only hear me refer to working with ‘the past’ and ‘the future’.

Remembering The Past

Every program I looked at wanted far more than I could afford at the time. I’ve spent countless hours studying, meditating, researching and experimenting to improve my lifestyle and that of others.

I could charge thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars to teach you what I’ve learned. Yet this would create another ‘me’ in ‘you’ So, I’ve kept ‘F.A.S.T’ affordable for all!

I want ‘F.A.S.T’ to change the lives of millions, not just hundreds or thousands.

I trust you’ll get as much out of ‘Frequency Healing’ as I intended you to.

Truly successful business people know what it is to take a gamble on any venture. I’m asking way less than what I should for ‘F.A.S.T’ as a favour to those who need this program. I know this program works. There’s only one way it hasn’t. Either the individual who purchased Modules 3 onwards has been lazy and not started using the Modules or they simply haven’t followed instructions or put enough effort in to make it work.

So without further ado…I present you with my powerful life changing program ‘F.A.S.T‘ which stands for Financial And Spiritual Transfer. These techniques have not just changed my life, they’ve saved my life. They can change yours too, maybe even save it!

There’s no fees to join and no hidden costs nor sales gimmicks, just a straight forward easy to use program that you can use to start changing your life today!

You can start for FREE!

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll look forward to meeting you some day and hearing some more about you. Perhaps at one of our vacation workshops or even locally, here in Auckland, New Zealand…”The City Of Sails”.

Let’s Get You Started

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Towards A Better Life!


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

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