Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5:30PM

Starting January 2024

CWI is not just an online club that teaches individuals how to use 5,000 year old ancient  manifestion techniques. Our club will also expand offline Internationally. There are few things more important than establishing human to human contact, making great friendships who share the same or similar interests. Combined with the joy of giving back by paying it forward to others. That’s a powerful reason for living and working together. We’re welcoming individuals, groups and companies from all industries to become a Member of C.W.I to learn these powerful manifestation methods and assist C.W.I to “make the world a better place to live in”.

How To Get Started

You must first belong to C.W.I as a Silver Member which is the first non-free entry level. We’ll reach out to Silver Members with an email. At this point, just those residing in the vicinity of Auckland New Zealand. Once we have expressions of interest from a minimum of 60 Members we’ll let our Silver Members know. Once 60 of you have completed joining at the next level which is Gold Membership we can provide you with a few dates for our first club meeting. Once we have the majority of 60 in agreement we’ll make the booking. This is why monthly Memberships are non-refundable. We need a committment as to book the venue costs tbousands of dollars.

Meeting Place

" - 5-Knotts - Meetings"
5 Knotts – Tamaki Yacht Club – Auckland – New Zealand

Most of your Membership fee goes towards your online tuition and resources. The rest goes towards your booking which provides a 5 star buffet dinner and 2 free drinks. If you can’t make a specific meeting date, you can allocate your seat to someone else. Gift it to a family member, to a friend, or to a non-paying member on our club tithing list. Become a Silver Member today and get access to our first series of F.A S.T modules. You can start learning at home right away with our online tuition series.

Membership Plans

It’s much more fun to build your business with others and share the experience together. It’s also faster!

Making Powerful Friends

" - C.W.I - Social Group"

The CWI Facebook Page. will help you to reach out to other like minded people in your area of expertise. A flow of interesting topics and tips and even just posts from life itself. You can also become a Member of our Private C.W.I Facebook Group. Whether you live locally or not. Once we gain a global momentum there will be International gatherings that will be closer to you. We’re getting the ball rolling with our first offline club meetings taking place here in “the City of sails” Auckland, New Zealand.

Those who are interested in joining our offline club and attending our first club meetings in Auckland, New Zealand in 2024. To socialize and work online/offline together and discuss “higher self mindset manifestation” must first register as a Silver Member.

Membership Plans