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Value = $19.95 Mthly Website Membership

Includes Free


Plus Tips

& Some

Pro Higher Self Mindset

Success Training Modules





Value = $49.00 Mthly Website Membership

Includes Pro


Plus Tips

& Extensive

Pro Higher Self Mindset

Success Training Modules





Value = $111.00 Mthly Website Membership

Includes Pro

Resources Plus Tips & Extensive

Pro Higher Self Mindset Success Training Modules



Value = $50.00

Club Membership 1 x Meeting p/mth

Hot Buffet Dinner

2 x Free Drinks


Free Coffee/Tea

Plus Free 30 Minute Seminar

Passive income from each referral $9.40 to $55 p/mth




$199 /mth

Value = $132.33 Mthly Website Membership

Includes Pro

Resources Plus Tips & Extensive

Pro Higher Self Mindset Success Training Modules



Value =$66.67

Club Membership 2 x Meetings p/mth

Hot Buffet Dinner

2 x Free Drinks


Free Coffee/Tea

Plus Free 30 Minute Seminar

Passive income from each referral $9.40 to $55 p/mth





Value = $175.00

Mthly Website Membership

Includes Pro

Resources Plus Tips & Extensive

Pro Higher Self

Mindset Success

Training Modules



Value = $100

Club Membership 1 x Meeting p/week

Hot Buffet Dinner

2 x Free Drinks


Free Coffee/Tea

Plus Free 30 Minute Seminar

Passive income from each referral $9.40 to $55 p/mth

How Membership Works

You’ll only be charged $99 monthly for full Pro access at any level Gold, Platinum or Pro.

Club Membership only kicks in once each target is reached.

For example: If you join at the Gold level. Your monthly fees would be $99 NZD.

Once we hit 60 members we’ll notify all Members who joined at the Gold Level that their next Monthly Membership will be $161. We give 10 business days notice. We’ll then send you a link to the new full priced Membership which will include your Club Meeting/s.

That’s to cover not just Website Membership  but also the costs of the x 1 x 2 or x 4 meeting/s per month. Depending on which plan you selected. We have to book and pre-pay for the venue. So, until we have 60 confirmed Members at the Gold level we have to shift the alloted time forwards every 2  to 4 weeks. This depends on the function hire’s availability calendar. It also gives our Members time to prepare for the next event.

For instance. If we have 60 but 3 decide to downgrade from the Gold level to just Silver website only Membership. We have to wait until we’ve replaced those 3 Members with confirmed full Gold Memberships @ $161.

The process works the same at all Membership levels.

A Member for whatever personal reason they have, financial or otherwise can downgrade or upgrade before their next Monthly Subscription date.

5 Business Days notice is required for admin to make the necessary adjustments. Later than this and you’ll be charged your normal rate.

No Refunds are given. We need to run a tight ship as Corporate bookings are thousands of dollars.

Once all Members at any level have paid and funds are cleared we can make the booking. At any level it’s pot luck for the event dates. Sorry, but we just can’t please every last Member. If you can’t make the date let us know beforehand. At least 5 business days prior. You can give your booking to any person you nominate, as a gift instead!

C.W.I will give a Member 2 weeks prior warning of the booking date for the next meeting. That way you can change other arrangements to suit. If you can’t make the date we’ve set consider the extra as a gesture payment to keep C.W.I active as costs are high for such Corporate events. Or, as mentioned, you can gift your spot to just one other individual. They must be 18 years or older to attend any event. Everyone from Function Management and staff through to Security have to be paid up front. We have to run a tight operation.

Refer your 5 members and you’ll never have to worry about missing a date, as your Membership will be covered anyway!

Gold = 1 Meeting per month

Platinum = 2 Meetings per month

Pro = 1 Meeting per week


What Is C.W.I?

We are an International Members only club that consists of humans of no particular religious, nor specific spiritual affiliation.

All of our members have 1 common interest. We all study and learn to apply ethical techniques that have been proven to create personal spiritual and financial freedom.

Primarily, our approach is a little different than your usual wealth practitioner. We employ re-discovered ancient techniques and the higher self mindset.

We clear old vibrations and put brain wave patterns back in order. One method is by way of synchronizing the left and right brain hemispheres with the heart chakra and the Schumann resonance of the Earth’s magnetic fields. A good practioner of this art can manifest anything he or she desires, within a far shorter period of time than other more conventional methods.

We also pay 10% of our net earnings forward to a charity or charities of our own choice, prior to receiving any wealth of our own. This is something done of the heart and pure compassion towards others. C.W.I does not monitor Member’s finances.

Our typical Members might own their own businesses or are working towards achieving it. Or, they may be interested in advancing their career/s and/or their own personal and spiritual interests.

Whatever the reason for joining C.W.I, we’re all individuals who are assisting each other to grow, both spiritually and financially. To create a better world for all

Free Pro Membership - By Way Of Referral
"Wealthcorp - CWI - - Your Financial Future"

Class Wealth International is a club that will take you into the future. The future belongs to those who are visionaries. Without visionaries nothing changes.

One should ask themself these vital questions.

How much longer do I want to live in a world that may have at best a post apocalyptic future?

How much more suffering can we or should we endure?

Do I want this same sluggish progress in my life 5 years or even 20 years from now?

The faster C.W.I expands the more people we can help and the more causes we can support.

Earn Free Membership

"Best Online Income"

We have assigned C.W.I Membership to its own referral plan. Otherwise known as an Affiliate Program.

It works the same as any other legitimate 1 tier Affiliate program. It’s not an MLM or Multi Level Marketing Program. We may consider this in the future. Let’s dispel some myths.

Don’t let anybody convince you that this is a Ponzi scheme. These people don’t know what they’re talking about. I know Affiliate Marketing. I’ve been studying it for years and I can assist those who want to pursue this form of lucrative passive income.

There are also people who wrongly label Affiliate Marketing as a “pyramid scheme”.

In fact, all businesses that employ more than two people anywhere in the world are operating as a conventional pyramid structure where you have 1 to 2 or more founders at the top. Throughout each successive layer of employees these levels grow until eventually you have what looks like a pyramid, with the lowest level of employees, usually the largest number, at the bottom.

# From each new member you refer, who then register as a paid Member (at any level), you’ll earn 20% commission from the Membership fees that they pay monthly. What’s more, you’ll earn this every month, for as long as their Membership remains active.

It’s a great way to quickly become a Pro Member for free.

It’s also possible to replace your current income, even surpass it.

Potential Earnings

How much can I potentially earn as a C.W.I Club Affiliate?

This depends on a few variable factors.

  1. The level your affiliate is a Member at
  2. How long your affiliate stays at C.W.I
  3. How many new Members you refer

Let’s break down each of these and explain

1. How much you’re earning per month from one of your referrals depends on whether they’re a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Pro Member. They could move up a level or they might decide to move back down until they’ve referred enough Members of their own. There’s a level to suit any budget.

2. For as long as your affiliate is a Member of C.W.I they’re earning you a commission, as you were the one who referred them.

3. If you’re good at referring new Members or you have a wide reach of friends. You could quickly not only equal the amount you’re paying to belong to C.W.I and thus get Membership completely free. You could also earn enough to replace your current income. If that’s a goal that would interest you. If not, just treat it more casual and refer people as you wish. There’s no hard and fast rule.


Affiliate Level Commissions – $NZD

Refer just 5 new individuals at any level you’re on who then become a member and you’re entire website fees + club membership fees are covered. If some of your affiliates have moved above the level you’re on, you may require even less than 5 referrals, to cover the fees of the level you’re on!

It’s possible that any individual may pass the level you’re on and register for a higher Membership.

If that happens great!

It’s all part of the plan. Other Members who can afford to invest in a higher level of Membership than you can give you a much needed boost, a hand up!


Member’s Level Profits


Rewards You:  20% @ $49 = $9.80 p/mth

Website Membership Fee


Rewards You:  20% @ $161 = $32.20 p/mth

Website Membership Fee + Club Fees


Rewards You:  20% @ $199 = $39.80 p/mth

Website Membership Fee + Club Fees


Rewards You:  20% @ $275 = $55.00 p/mth

Website Membership Fee + Club Fees


Quit Your Job & Travel!

At C.W.I it’s possible, through the powerful leveraging of passive income to eventually quit working and become a full time club promoter. All whilst traveling the world!

That’s because by referring people to the C.W.I website. When even a non Member buys any product, service or course we’re advertising that doesn’t require a Membership, you still earn a commission. Always use the personal affiliate link assigned to you.

With your own personal affiliate link you don’t require a website of your own. All of your commissions are earned through our C.W.I website. This is maintained and operated by us, at no cost to you.

We operate the C.W.I affiliate program through one of the world’s most reputable Affiliate platforms JVZoo. They take care of all sales and payouts (1 month delay).

You can rest assured you’ll always get paid for sales you’ve made. The 5% fees are split. C.W.I pays 2.5% and our affiliate pays 2.5%. Deducted before each payout is made. There’s also a small admin fee per sale. Usually around 20 or 30 cents. Pretty good, considering it’s all automated!

There are several types of cookies placed in the customer’s p.c or smartphone.

  1. Session Cookies
  2. Permanent Cookies
  3. First-Party Cookies
  4. Third-Party Cookies
  5. Flash Cookies
  6. Zombie Cookies

Because affiliate programs store these cookies on your customer’s computer, even if that customer returns to buy a product or membership up to a year later, you still earn a commission. Even if they delete their session cookies. Great eh!

If you want a more thorough explanation click here

Let’s say you refer an average of 5 new members a month for 3 years and your average commission earned is $34.20 NZD p/mth.

5 x 12 x 3 = 180 Members

180 x $34.20 = $6,156.00 p/mth

$6,156.00 ÷ 4.333 weeks =

$1,420.72 p.w Gross income

Double that and you’ve enough to travel. Especially if they’re buying courses not included on the website as part of any Membership level.

$1,420.72 x 2 =

$2,841.44 p.w Gross income

Disclaimer: The figures sbove are intended for demonstration purposes only. You may earn less than this or you may earn more. Each individual’s results are determined by the amount of effort they apply. In addition to this, it’s impossible to predict which membership level your referred customers will choose or what products, services or courses they may invest in.

Even if you’re not focusing on this as an income to replace your current income, it’s still worth getting those 5 members for free website membership and free club membership.

Great nights out with a 30 minute seminar plus full hot buffett dinner, wine, champagne, tea and coffee and a chat with some great new friends. All for FREE!


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