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What qualities do you need to succeed?

1. Consistency – reward is directly related to effort. To get started…don’t worry about only putting in an hour or two per week. You can build up to 3 to 5 hours gradually. Winning the affiliate game is about being consistent in what you do. Some Affiliates may put in hours of work. Yet, between chatting too long to potential clients or taking breaks to watch something on the internet every 10 minutes, that Affiliate is not working productively. Another Affiliate may grab a cup of coffee and deliver short and alluring chats to potential clients on Facebook for 30 minutes, during which he/she picks up 3 or 4 new clients! It’s not how much time you put in, it’s how you utilize it that makes the difference!
2. Persistence – Persist in what you do. If you give up early, you’ll find it harder to jump back in for another try. This doesn’t have to be the hard sell. What’s the number 1 secret in getting people to buy from you?


People don’t like to be sold to. They love to buy.

The quickest way to get clients to buy your product is to solve a problem they have. Be careful not to dig too early here or your hole will collapse and you’ll bury your self straight away. Be sensitive to their needs. Don’t fall into the trap of prying into their personal life. You’ll distance them right away. You could also damage your reputation, the reputation of CWI or its products or services.

Ask questions that aren’t too personal. A good closer asks questions that gets their clients to respond with a ‘yes’. The more often you get a ‘yes’, the more often you’ll close your client. You’ll get your client to buy quicker because you’ve placed your client in a ‘yes’ mood or in other words a ‘buying’ mood. Here’s a chat example;

YOU: These are some of the issues that C.W.I Membership can (never say will), address. (Read a few out…not the entire list).

CLIENT: Possible response. No I’ve never had any problems with those. My life’s pretty good…(they may be too embarrassed to tell you).

YOU: That’s great (makes the client feel good). There are just so many minor or major life hurdles our program can (never say will), remove from one’s life. There’s not a person out there who doesn’t have something they want to achieve, yet (never say but), something’s been stopping them or slowing them down somehow (being vague is less prying). Is there anything you’ve been trying to achieve, yet it’s been alluding you?

If they tell you, great. That’s what’s called a ‘hot button’. You can expand without prying and get them to buy. The more hot buttons you have, the easier the close. Hot buttons can also be information they’ve shared with you. They’ve just had their son or daughter’s birthday. You could say…”Awesome…how old is he/she?”. Avoid questions like…”Did it go well?”. If it didn’t…you’ve probably just killed the buying mood. You could say…”Great, I trust everyone had a good time!”. (Much more likely to get a yes, as people will likely lie if something went wrong, just to appease you).

" - Free Affiliate Training"


Don’t sound scripted. Just chat in the way you normally would. After a while you’ll get the hang of this, injecting buyimg mood questions into a casual conversation. They won’t even notice.

Also, don’t sound cheesy or they’ll be thinking…”Great, another sales person.” If you can’t do general chat, don’t try…just stick to presenting the facts about the product until you’re good at sounding you’re genuinely interested in helping them with their problem. By the way. If you’re not, they’ll pick up on the vibe. People aren’t stupid so learn to be genuine and you’ll close easier. They’ll pick up on nerves too. If you’re not confident chatting, best to stick to private messaging until you are. Much harder to guess someone’s nervous in a text message…sometimes impossible.

Why was I awarded top quality telemarketer of the month out of 40 others? Consistently providing top qualified appointments with a low fall over rate. I was setting up appointments back in 1999 for sales reps to sell customers life insurance. I wasn’t even really that interested in life insuramce. In fact, I no longer even believe in it.

The secret was in becoming a friend on the other side of the phone. I continually looked for hot buttons. A dog barking in the background. A prime opportunity to inject “oh what breed of dog do you have?” Or, they say “Let’s make this quick I have friends coming for lunch/dinner”. You could say “kewl, sounds fun. I love that”. See what’s just happened here? You now have similar interests. You’re closer to being a friend, not just a potential client. Make this about being friends, not about sales and you’ll win.

," - Free Affiliate Training"

When I was getting people to buy cars from me. Why did my boss tell me “Apart from Chris who’s been with me for 15 years, you’re the best car salesman I’ve ever had!”.

1. I appraised their trade in vehicle with enthusiasm commenting “mmm smooth ride, you must have loved (talk like it’s gone), this car!”. After this I showed compassion. “Look I know how hard it is to let go of something that you’ve grown attached to, but here’s the thing”. But is a negative word so I used it to effect. “I can feel the gear change is getting notchy. Also, despite the smooth ride I can tell there’s some valve noise there”. “Bill, all of this is going to be quite costly for you. If you trade it now, before it’s too late, we’ll spend nothing and make nothing on moving this on to someone wbo’s prepared to fix this pre-loved car and give it what it needs. Someone like a an automotive student who can fix it themselves”. “The most we can give you for this is $500. I know it’s not much but you’ll easily spend over $2 k on this soon”. “Plus, it’ll help you put a deposit on a vehicle that you really deserve. One that’s far more reliable”. “Let’s take a look at some great alternatives. You may be suprised with what we can do for you today”.

2. I‘ve made the buyer believe he’s buying and doing himself a favor, because he is! Also he now has F.O.M.O. Fear of missing out. Because I’ll let him know we have two other buyers for this great car he loves and it won’t be available for much longer. I’ll even show Bill expressions of interest on paper in promising to hold the car for 2 days while they look at discussing this with their partner first. I’ll show him alternatives, in case it falls through. Leaving him two to three choices.


Start with texting using private messaging (PM) until you’re confident chatting on a smart phone or through a microphone. You’ll close easier!

Build a repore with your clients. Chat in a friendly manner, without overdoing it. Become the answers they seek. A warning here. Don’t pretend to know what you don’t. Your subject will pick up on it. They’ll think you’re a fraudster and avoid you. This is why you need to buy the product you’re selling. Preferably before you start, if not, as soon as possible. It’s not so that we can make money from you. It’s so that you know what you’re selling. By giving your client an overview of what it is they’re buying from you, they’ll be far more confident that they’re making an investment and not a mistake.


Timing is everything!

Be careful not to leave your close too late. If you’ve been in sales before you’ll appreciate that a good sales person is not really a sales rep at all. They’re great at being a good friend. One who is good at moving massive amounts of products and/or services is someone who is not just a friend. They can also solve their new friend’s problem. After a while you’ll get an idea of when to move in for ‘the close’.

Expect to make contact 8 to 10 times or more before you gain them as a client. Never spam them or make contact too frequently. The next day or even two days is too early. Unless they’ve shown great interest or asked you to contact them. Contact them over a 3 to 6 month period. If they’ve shown no interest after two or three contacts, it’s better to shift them to your longer term contact list. Try them again in 6 months, rather than risk losing them for good. You’ve plenty of other people to get on with. The world is your oyster!

Practice….Practice…Practice…makes perfect!

Your Own DFY Affiliate Platform

I recently launched a Professional Affiliate platform where you can link any of your Affiliate offers quickly and easily. Simply add details and an external link to your offer, product, promotion or website. Drive traffic to it and offer in demand Digital products and courses for big pay days.

White label rights to own and operate your own Affiliate store will soon be available.

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Higher Self Mindset


To succeed in life you need the right mindset. Throughout this website we discuss this in detail (Menu Item – Section – 2). You can get started for free below!

Phase 1

Prep – “First Light”

Personal Revelation Empowerment Preparation

Prep is the first stage of ‘healing your frequencies’. Frequency Healing is an extremely important aspect of repairing your persona and business lifestyle. Throughout this training you’ll begin to discover what’s been holding you back from achieving your aspirations.

I created the program F.A.S.T mainly for one primary purpose.

Financial And Spiritual Transfer

1. To provide you with powerful techniques that will free you from the constraints you’ve been under, financial, spiritual, physical, lack of time, past lives, trauma, recurring illness, afflictions, curses, bad habits, obsessions, compulsions, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, child abuse, marriage problems, divorce issues, custody disputes, personal loss, family loss, heart-break, medical concerns, psychological issues, physiological issues, victimisation, spousal abuse, demons, recurring nightmares, body odours, fatigue, fears, stuttering, poverty, sickness, headaches, gastric issues, many diseases, loneliness, employment disputes. Just about anything you can think of can be either alleviated or cured with this course.

2. I also created F.A.S.T to create enough wealth to enable and encourage people to collectively  travel Internationally, assisting in closing the gap between the wealthy and the poor. This is done by each member donating a portion of their increasing wealth to charities of their choice. To expediate this process I created a 1 tier simple yet powerful affiliate program. Referring as few as 5 members means free website membership and free C.W.I formal club attendence meetings. Featuring a full hot buffet dinner and two glasses of wine or champagne. Your affiliation can be used to make some spare cash or earn a well above average income, even without selling, just by sharing our affiliate website domain url. With your cloaked affiliate link incorporated within our domain address it just appears normal to any potential client. We use Warrior Plus, one of the world’s top affiliate programs. So you’ll always be paid on successful referrals. They take care of that for us. You can even make a small to large fortune. We’ll teach you how to take a small portion of your earnings and leverage them on the financial markets. This of course is optional but highly recommended. We feature blog posts, resources and YouTube videos from reputable financial advisors who can teach you how much of your leveraged profits you should withdraw, so that you can never lose. For kiwis sharesies is a great place to start. You can start with just $10 in your account. When you’re ready, you can then start traveling with us around the world, helping us to help others, donating to charities, assisting in events and empowering others to achieve their spiritual and financial goals in life. What a great lifestyle it is!

Disclaimer: I know these techniques which can eventually become your new ‘normal lifestyle’ work effectively. They work for me and for thousands of years they worked for the ancients, before our time. How long it takes before they work for you is something I can not personally determine. Results for you will depend upon how much energy, time and effort each individual puts in to the program. I therefore accept no responsibility for you personally. This is a life changing program. Each individual will experience different emotions, trials and tribulations. Like hypnotherapy, you will no doubt have to deal with the demons of your past. This is an inevitable and unavoidable aspect of healing correctly. If you’re not willing to confront issues within your psyche then you’re simply not going to make progress in your life. How quickly or slowly you decide to embark upon this journey is up to you. All decisions are yours to make. That said, if you decide not to embark upon this journey of self healing you’ll never know what your life could have turned out to be. Let’s commence.

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
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Your P.P.I Score

Although the first stage of your journey with CWI, this stage, (phase 1), is extremely important. It will make a valuable contribution towards your ‘personal progress index’ or ppi.

Throughout your tuition with CWI your ppi score will fluctuate. This is normal, as there will be many factors influencing your progress. At times you will take a step back. Other times you will push forwards. This is your own personal score, not a score that you need to compare with other members, as your journey and its progress is personal and private to you.

Remember: The only real competition you have in life is yourself. Even when competing in a marathon or in any type of sporting event you’re still competing with ‘you’, in order to be number 1!

We’re realistic at CWI. We realize that not everybody can afford $4000 to $7000 for an overseas holiday in luxury accommodation, at least not at Phase 1 of the ‘F.A.S.T’ success program.

If you can…great! Your enthusiasm can only enhance your ppi (personal progress index).

If you can not and many of you will fall into this category and that’s fine. Here’s what you can do to get started.

First…let me share the good news with you…

You don’t need to book a vacation to get started!

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

Module 1 + 2 Free

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Why Most Programs Fail

Program after program that I tried promised this and that and riches “beyond my wildest dreams”. The problem with these programs is this…

Are there Members in these programs making an above average income? The answer is yes. In fact, some individuals are creating extraordinary wealth. However, the reality is…the only individuals and couples ‘making it big’ at the start had to ‘pay in big’ to start with. Outside of this, they’ve been in the program for a while and like any business they have established a good client database.

Most of these programs aren’t ranked as ‘Ponzi Schemes’. Heck, they’re not even illegal. So, why do I have a problem with them? Here’s why. Most people are looking for a program to make them a little spare cash, to boost their income a little. Some individuals wish to get rich. However, most individuals are maxing out their credit cards, getting a loan or even selling something they own, in order to ‘get in’, as the program’s creator puts it.

They’ll ask you for a large sum of money to ‘secure your position’ in ‘their’ program. It’s all fear mongering. The reality is, there are an infinite number of ‘positions’ in their program. It doesn’t matter if you ‘get in’ now or get in later.

Here’s the facts. The up to $20,000 or more that they’ll ask you for, helps make another affiliate a great deal of commission, not just the program’s creators. Is there anything wrong with this It isn’t illegal. Is it unethical? I’ll be the first to admit that some of the programs I’ll soon release will exceed that and yes you will earn 50% commission. However, I’m not promoting these programs to anyone but the more advanced practitioners of my early programs. To me, it’s not about pushing new affiliates to initially buy in at the more advanced levels, in order to receive higher commissions. I’ve made that a ‘no go’ zone by making this a 1 level Affiliate Program. In other words, this is definitely not multi-level marketing. Even though I ‘m a fan of MLM. In fact, you’re not required to buy in at any particular level, nor use the products yourself. However, this is encouraged. It’s good to know what it is your clients are investing in. On the issue of making it mandatory to buy in at a certain level, in order to receive higher commissions; I personally believe this methodology is marketing greed and wholly unethical. With our Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission at any level, through an Affiliate Program which is entirely free to use. One of your clients may buy a program that sells for $99.95. Another client may invest in a program that sells for $27,000 or even more. You didn’t have to buy in at a higher level. You still earn your 50% commission regardless. I ‘m not a business man who encourages greed. Below is a list, outlining my reasons for why I think…

Most programs are unethical for

10 basic reasons.

  1. They tempt people into debt, particularly students who don’t have a lot of spare cash.
  2. The program’s creators and Affiliates entering in at the ‘high ticket item’ entry point are biased, favouring those with more initial capital to invest.
  3. Programs are often cloned in part, even plagiarised from other programs.
  4. Many programs focus too much on ‘getting rich’ and not on the spiritual aspects of life.
  5. Structures, particularly multi-level components of the program are too complex.
  6. Many programs throw the affiliate in the deep end, offering little to no marketing support.
  7. Some programs have ‘fine print clauses’ and/or charge back styled regulations that can confuse the affiliate, even clean them right out.
  8. Many programs are complex, in order to prey on the less educated, with respect to affiliate marketing.
  9. Many products don’t deliver what they promise.
  10. The most important in my opinion. Most ‘self help improvement programs’ are just too darn expensive for people to initially invest in. Until they make a lot of money from their product’s affiliate program which defeats the whole purpose. This restricts product sales to only those that can afford the product. Yet, it’s individuals that can’t afford to make a good initial investment that need the product the most! That’s why I made the investment for our program affordable, for all. If you’re a little down on your luck financially, here’s something that may pique your interest. You only need to introduce 2 new clients to Part 1 and 2 of ‘F.A.S.T’, our flagship program, who then complete the program to be able to afford the entire life changing F.A.S.T program! We’ve made it so easy that anyone with any type of internet access can promote this program and have their own program paid for by others with just 4 to 8 hours of work or less!

It’s individuals that can’t afford to make a good initial investment that need the product the most! That’s why I made the investment for our program affordable for everyone. So, even those with zero cash can get access to Module’s 1 and 2 of ‘F.A.S.T’ instantly and entirely free!

Affordable for everyone and life changing!

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

Module 1 + 2 Free

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Start Referring

Start Earning!

Hold up guys!

We’re jumping across to the Warrior Plus affiliate platform. We should be ready to roll by Jan 1st 2024!

Once we’re ready and you have your personal Warrior Plus affiliate link…

Start referring people from all walks of life through Facebook and other social media platforms. You’ll earn 50% commission when a client purchases one of our digital courses. Most courses are included. You’ll also earn 20% commission when a new member joins C.W.I. New memberships start at just $49.95 NZD for Basic Site Membership and go right up to Pro Membership which is $275.00 a month.

You can review the different types of membership plans and locations here.

Obviously, unless you’re advertising in the local vicinity of a C.W.I club it’s pointless, as most people are not going to travel that far to attend a club seminar/meeting.

Once C.W.I has expanded and there are many more locations this will get easier for you. In the meantime you can still promote C.W.I’s courses online and earn a part or full time passive income.

Recruitment Drives

When we travel as a club any member can come out on a recruitment drive. These are designed to draw people in to one of our seminar/meetings. If the person they invited joins the club, even up to 1 year later, they’ll earn 20% of that individual’s monthly membership fee each and every month. That is, for as long as the member you signed up remains a paid member of C.W.I.

Other Higher Self Mindset programs can be anywhere from $1395 (U.S). These can help pay for your first vacation workshop and/or any further conferences and vacations. As well as get you into the right frequencies to manifest!

Commission can be earned from each new member you introduce, from every training package or product the members that you introduced purchase, at any level. Even if the training is purchased separate from a vacation deal, without the vacation.

Unlike some affiliate programs that will require you to purchase products or services before you can start earning commission CWI encourages ‘free enterprise’. We want everyone to be able to start promoting and earning with our products and services and commence ‘paying it forward’ as soon as possible. Therefore, there are no requirements to purchase even the Basic Membership before you can start earning commission from your referrals of our products, services or memberships.

To start promoting ‘F.A.S.T’, you won’t be charged a joining fee. You won’t even pay monthly membership fees unless you want access to products in the Pro Members Area which is a paid access level. Or, you want C.W.I club membership.

After you’ve studied Module’s 1 and 2 for FREE. For further PREP – Personal Revelation Empowerment Preparation Modules, you can start monthly membership of the C.W.I website for as low as $49.95 (NZD, monthly). If you choose to become a Pro Member, this gives you access to all Pro CWI products and courses. Monthly membership keeps the cost of these down, with every Pro Member contributing. CWI’s Affiliate Program remains free to join and to use. That’s it! With the fantastic income you’ll be making by then, it’s just pennies in the dollar!

Remember: Just 2 members investing in F.A.S.T – all the way from FREE Module’s 1 and 2 right through to paid Modules 3 to 6 will pay for your copy of F.A.S.T – that’s all 6 Modules!

Here’s something that will really spin your wheels and set you up for major wealth creation. Any time any of your referred clients purchase any of our products or memberships at a higher level, your commissions go up. It’s still a 50% commission, yet your passive income increases greatly. So, bringing them into the lower priced courses could pay huge dividends for you later.

Click the link below to get started. If it’s a working or non working C.W.I holiday you’re interested in. You can start earning enough commission to pay for the various travel packages we offer here at CWI, your Elite First Class World Aid Travel Club!

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

Module 1 + 2 Free

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Disclaimer 1: C.W.I dislikes and discourages corporate and financial greed. We also dislike dishonesty and all Ponzi schemes which are illegal and we’re glad they are. You only get paid from the training a member receives. When the member you referred to CWI buys select [mostly all] products, courses or services from us, you’ll earn 50% commission on any module of the ‘training program or course’ they’ve purchased. If no holiday/training package deal is purchased, you’ll still earn your 50% commission on the value of the ‘training program’ they’ve purchased. The same applies if they do purchase a holiday/training package deal. At CWI we’re one big happy family ‘paying it forward’ and keeping things legal.

Disclaimer 2: The results you get from using any C.W.I program, course or service will vary from individual to individual. We make no specific claims as to what this program will do for you. For example: One individual may be able to quit smoking when another can’t. That same person who wasn’t able to quit smoking may be successful in creating wealth, whereas the first individual we mentioned could not. There are many specific personal details within your current and previous lives that can determine the results you get. We can’t possibly know these. Even if you share these details with us, the results you achieve will depend on how well you apply the techniques we train you in and how deep your specific issue/s is/are. The time it takes to achieve the results you’re seeking and the extent of the result you’ll achieve will vary from individual to individual. There are no ‘quick fixes’ in life, unless you’re taking prescription drugs which can be dangerous, even fatal. Neither myself or C.W.I is giving you permission to stop taking any prescribed medicines nor drugs, nor offering you any medical advice. That’s between you and your physician. I/we accept no legal responsibility for this. Upon saying that, you’ll be pleasantly surprised just how fast certain changes can take shape, using C.W.I’s products, courses and services.

Neither I, the creator of F.A.S.T nor C.W.I is advising you to stop taking, nor start taking, any type of medication and we accept no responsibility for your safety nor the safety of others, should you do so. Please take note; you are completely in the drivers seat with the particular program that you choose to use. There is absolutely no credible evidence that the healing our programs, courses and services offer is harmful or even risky. The techniques we use are safe and simple, yet largely unknown to most. If you have any concerns with the results that you are getting or feel at any time that you are at risk of harming yourself or another individual then you should refrain from proceeding with any part of this course, at any time necessary. As such, although the program itself is safe, we take no legal responsibility or otherwise for your personal safety, as we can not determine your ‘state of mind’. As is the same with any program. Therefore you agree to use our programs at your own personal risk. Upon saying that, we are not aware of any incident involving personal harm to or from any individual using these techniques and methodologies.

A Personal Request

Any individual that you signed up, who then purchased one of our packages has ‘paid it forward’ to you, in the form of a legal commission.

Please return the favour, by introducing others to CWI through our Affiliate Program. We only pay a level 1 product, course and service commission and 20% on monthly memberships, so you won’t receive a commission if they also sign up another individual, who then buys one of our courses, services or holiday/training packages. However, you’ll still be helping someone else in need and thus you’re still ‘paying it forward’. That’s what CWI is all about, generosity and bridging the gap!

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
A value of $119.90!

Module 1 + 2 Free

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