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Compensation Plan

How It Works

We feel complex compensation plans make more enemies than friends, even scare some people away.

So, at CWI our compensation plan is quite simple. All of your sales and commissions are calculated through a world leader in Affiliate Programs ‘Click2sell’.

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Our Products and Services
"CWI - Wealth Tuition - Frequency Healers"
We reward you with 50% compensation, each time someone you referred purchases one of our products. Our flagship product is ‘Frequency Healers’. For now, we are not paying an affiliate commission on our holiday packages. These merely enable us to enjoy traveling for enjoyment, teaching, empowering and donating. However, we may be including these in our compensation plan in the near future.

Prior to receiving compensation, every Affiliate sale must be 100% complete. That is to say, our company receives the purchase and Click2Sell processes it. You’ll find a release date for each sale’s payment within your own affiliate area, when logged into Click2Sell.

To keep things running smoothly, we only pay out to the first level. We don’t think it’s in your best interests or ours, to have a multi-tier compensation plan. However the longer you’re a registered affiliate, the more you’ll earn, as your referred clients climb the corporate ladder and invest in more advanced CWI training programs.

It’s our way of saying “thanks for introducing more clients”, yet more importantly “thanks for paying it forward and helping someone to also achieve their spiritual and financial freedom!”

To calculate your potential earnings is easy!

Simply note the investment a CWI client will pay for any training package and multiply by 50%.

You can not earn on the cost of any expenses accrued by any member, for any vacation package purchased. Accommodation and air fares are also exempt from the commission plan, although this may change in the near future, as we secure even better vacation deals for our members.

However, you will earn 50% commission on the actual ‘training program’ component of any one of our vacation package deals and any stand alone ‘training program’ or product from within the product line of our Affiliate Program ‘Frequency Healers’.

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