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What History Has Taught Us

Throughout the ages we’ve had many teachers and mentors. It would be fair to say that many of them have assisted us in getting to know ourselves a little better. Some individuals have experienced startling revelations. This material, in whatever form it has been delivered, from books and podcasts to videos and mp3’s, has touched the lives of mullions of people in many ways.

People from all walks of life have learned to emulate their heroes. The pages of many publications have been a source of comfort to people trying to live a better life. One publication, the Holy Bible, has been distributed to prisons recently more times than in the entire history of prisons worldwide.

The Holy Word has helped many who have committed heinous crimes to turn their life around. Some have even emerged from prison to live a clean life thereafter. Many will be familiar with Tony Robbins (Anthony Robbins), who has the amazing ability to transform millions worldwide. I watched a video once that  showed Tony in front of a live audience cure a man who had stuttered his entire life. The whole process was done at lightening speed. Yet Tony Robbins was once himself an overweight unhappy man, living in a crowded apartment he didn’t even like. His more recent goal is to feed 200 million starving people around the world, from the proceeds of his sales. What an amazing individual indeed.

What is it about these individuals that has made them a source of interest?

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