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How To Accrue $70 Million In Just 12 Years From Just 108 People P.W Without Playing Powerball!


"Powerball - CWI - Affiliate Program"

The Brief Breakdown

Let’s say, you increase the rate of individuals that you’re chatting with by 6 x more.

I‘m assuming that  you have the time at this point and you should if you’ve practiced 3 hours per week, to be able to increase your time investment by at least 6 x more.

18 hours per week chatting online means you’re putting in about 3.6 hours a day. An easily achievable target.

180 minutes x 6 =  1,080 minutes ÷ 10 minutes = 108 clients PM’d. 108 x 52 weeks = 5,616 new clients. Your new premium buyers (gold nuggets) are 5,616  x 20% = 1,123 Clients

In just 1 year you already have at least 1,123 Affiliates who are your ‘gold nuggets’. That is to say, they are Affiliates who are ‘worth their weight in gold’.

High Ticket Item

Premium Buyers

To achieve this feat, you’re looking for people who are high ticket premium buyers. These are people who will  spend at least $100 USD per week and trust me there are plenty out there. Just attend some of the high ticket  free webinars and you’ll see for yourself. If you focused on big ticket items when you chatted with them, targeting a specific niche market, you will have found these gems. The good part? If you’ve been approved for their affiliate launch, you’ll have access to professional email swipes, banners, videos, landing page for the webinar. All DFY (done for you). You won’t have to spend a cent. Just chat online. If you’re professional and at this point you should be. Invite your list to a free webinar of your own, just to get them interested. Offering 2 or 3 webinars, increasing, thus incteasing your chances. Or just send them straight to the Promoter’s landing page. This usually introduces potential Clients to a free webinar to get them to buy an expensive course. This course is often presented with split payment options to make it easier for Clients to purchase.

Example: A number of top Affiliate Marketers will often sell a course on how to earm seven figures. Let’s say they charge $17,333.33 USD for this course and many will. Some will even charge more than this. Often around $25,000 for 101 professional coaching.

If your commission on this is 30%

$17,333.33 x 30% = $5,200

$5,200.00 ÷ 52 weeks = $100 USD p.w

You now have 1,123 clients who are considered ‘serious investors’, in the programs and products you’re offering when you chat online. They each average a weekly investment spend of $100 USD. Your 30% share of the sale.

1,123 Affiliates x $100 = $112,300

$112,300 x 624 weeks (12 years)= $70,075,200

Officially it’s actually 13 years because it takes 1 year to achieve that many Affiliates, from your initial 18 hours per week.

Yet, I haven’t included the extra year because…

  1. You’re earning money throughout that first year anyway
  2. Any Clients who leave througout the first year, let alone any year will be compensated by any extra Clients signed up, over and above our target for our buyers list. We’ve only taken 20% as our gold nuggets. Others will also purchase products, courses and services from you.
  3. In addition to this. Some of your Clients will spend more than our target investment of $100.USD each week!


NOT BAD EH…$70,000,000…WOW!!