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“Freedom Is Yours”

We’ll teach you wealth creation techniques that are still some of the most hidden secrets in modern society.

Discover how and why the wealth creation methodologies we employ have been successful in creating many of the wealthiest individuals and corporations on our planet, both in times, past and present.

Use the techniques we’ll teach you, to develop your consciousness to an extremely powerful level. At first, it may sound like a fairly basic concept. Yet it does require some due diligence on your part and some positive changes in your life’s direction to attain the best results.

“I’ve put over 28 years of hard study and experimentation into combining these techniques into one easy to understand and relatively simplified and effective program. CWI was not just developed to provide you with the ability to achieve your dreams.

I created CWI n order to assist others in need and empower individuals to believe in the higher self. This is the only way our civilization can develop inner peace, harmony, wisdom, selflessness, financial and spiritual freedom, better mental and physical health, good morals and good values.”

Brett Young
Founder / Creator of CWI

Imagine for a moment. You board a private gulfstream jet, shared with 14 others, to L.A return. For a single person this flight would normally cost around $400,000 or more return. Yet, because you’re a CWI Member, you’ve learned that you can share the cost of what’s called an “empty leg flight” and pay only between $6,000 to $9,000. About the same cost as a commercial first class airline ticket. You’re already travelling like a millionaire, before you’ve even become one.

Once you’ve mastered the techniques we’ll teach you, you’ll be able to write your own future plan. Imagine…close to, or even on a specific date, literally seeing your goals and your visions come to fruition! Can’t quite believe it?

Have you heard
of this book?

" - 4 Hour work week"
" - 4 Hour work week"

Timothy Ferriss is the author of this book which instantly became a success and made it onto the New York Times best seller list.

In fact, Ferriss was emailed by at least one publisher who went to great lengths to inform Ferriss that his book would flop. It’s my bet that this publisher now regrets the loss he made by turning Ferriss down.

Although Ferriss revised his book and updated it in 2011, some of its content is now outdated. Disregarding this, I highly recommend reading this book. It will leave you appreciating its strong message of just how unnecessary it is to work extremely hard, in order to achieve financial and spiritual freedom.

I should point out that Ferriss was not a millionaire, at the time of writing this book. In fact he was making only about half of this. Yet, he travels the world, living the life of the “New Rich” on a constant working holiday. All whilst working only 4 hours a week!

C.W.I – Game Changers

Welcome to our club for the “New Rich” C.W.I where you too can live this incredible lifestyle. Even before you become a millionaire.

I’ll tell you a brief true story, told by a world leading talk show host. A story of what’s possible when you put enough energy into what you want to transpire in your life. A young lady wanted a black Bmw. She knew that with her meagre wage it would take a long time before she would receive it. She wanted it much sooner. Her will and determination, combined with the strong frequencies she was emanating from her heart chakra and third eye chakra literally drew it into being. One day, she pulled into a gas station. Right after her, a man pulled in and tried to get her attention with “hey you”. Fearing the worst at first, she moved away from the man. He followed her and told her he had bought a new car and that he was looking for someone to gift his previous car to and the car in question? A black Bmw. Just as she had envisioned! Her frequencies were so powerful she literally magnetized the ethereal realms with her request, changed her Akashic records and received the car of her dreams for free!

People often talk about ‘being in the right place at the right time’. Yet the person involved actually created, manufactured their supposed ‘good luck’, just like the girl that received the free Bmw!

Prequisites to join C.W.I

1. An open mind
2. A charitable heart
3. A desire to succeed
4. A desire to introduce others to CWI
5. A desire to gift 10% of your net increase

The reason for secrecy

As a C.W.I club member you’re sworn to secrecy…keeping this knowledge between members of our club only. Our methodologies are legal and ethical.

However, we have sound reasons for secrecy. One of these is that we believe an individual with this type of extremely powerful knowledge should only be able to create wealth with these principalities and perform activities that are only for the purpose of assisting, not harming, others.

Many individuals still believe, even today, that Hitler’s intentions were at the very least honourable at first. Here is probably one of the greatest lessons in history that we can learn from today. In fact, at 8 years of age Hitler took singing lessons and sang in the church choir. He was even considering becoming a priest. The death of his brother Edmund, from measles, and the fact that his father beat him couldn’t have helped his life choices. Despite this, at age 25 he was quite a talented artist, selling paintings to support his now homeless existence.

Each individual will have their own perspective on people such as Hitler, as to whether his intentions were originally honourable or just racist. Yet, one fact remains. Had Hitler kept searching for ‘the light of truth, love and higher knowledge’, for the betterment of mankind, things for him and millions of others would have been very different. He would not have fallen into black occult and other damaging vibrations which can only serve to harm the soul, not heal it. We must all forgive each other’s errors and our own. We must learn from them and move on in life.

Wealth can also truly be a powerful weapon. Certain Ancient Organizations and even modern Organizations, have used the same knowledge and wisdom to harm and control the masses.

Come and learn how you can be fully in control of not just your mind, body and soul but also command wealth to serve our ‘higher purpose’. At the same time, you’ll also learn how to empower others.

Using these sound methodologies, you’ll be in the driver’s seat. Your family, friends and society will look up to you. Not just because of the personal wealth that you have accumulated. Yet, also, because you’re financially assisting others and ‘paying it forward’. Before long, they’ll be joining C.W.I and doing the same. Of course, you’ll be rewarded well for your efforts, through our 1 level referral commission program.

We place all sales within CWI through Warrior Plus, one of the world’s top professional Affiliate Platforms. With long-term cookies placed on your client’s pc, smart phone or lap top, you can rest assured you’re getting paid on every sale you make. Affiliate reports are available within your members login administration panel.

Join us, travel with us and help us to make the world a better place. It’s free to join….


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