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What qualities do you need to truly succeed?

I created CWI with one thing in mind. It had to be easy. Anyone could do this, without selling any products or services and without anyone having to learn anything. That said, some of you will want better results. Reward is equal to effort, both in and out of business. Here you will find some basic training to assist you to earn more money.

1. Consistency – reward is directly related to effort. To get the best results…don’t think about only putting in an hour per week.

Winning the affiliate game is about being consistent in what you do. Some Affiliates may put in hours of work. Yet, between chatting too long to potential clients or taking breaks to watch something on the internet every 10 minutes, that Affiliate is not working productively. Another Affiliate may grab a cup of coffee and deliver short and alluring chats to potential clients on Facebook for 30 minutes, during which he/she picks up 3 or 4 mew clients! It’s not how much time you put in, it’s how you utilize it that makes the difference!

2. Persistence – Persist in what you do. If you give up early, you’ll find it harder to jump back in for another try. This doesn’t have to be the hard sell. What’s the number 1 secret in getting people to buy from you?


People don’t like to be sold to. They love to buy.

The quickest way to get clients to buy your product is to solve a problem they have. Be careful not to dig too early here or your hole will collapse and you’ll bury your sale straight away. Be sensitive to their needs. Don’t fall into the trap of prying into their personal life. You’ll distance them right away. You could also damage your reputation, the reputation of CWI or its products or services.

Ask questions that aren’t too personal. A good closer asks questions that get their clients to respond with a ‘yes’. The more often you get a ‘yes’, the more often you will close your client. You’ll also close your client sale quicker because you have placed your client in a ‘yes’ or ‘buying’ mood. Here’s an example;

YOU: These are some of the issues our Program ‘Frequency Healers’ can (never say will), resolve. (Read a few out…not the entire list).

CLIENT: Possible response. No I’ve never suffered from any of those…(they may be too embarrassed to tell you).

YOU: That’s great (makes the client feel good). There are just so many minor or major life hurdles our program can (never say will), remove from one’s life. There’s not a person out there who doesn’t have something they want to achieve, yet (never say but), something’s been stopping them or slowing them down somehow (being vague is less prying). Is there anything you’ve been trying to achieve, yet it’s been alluding you?

If they tell you, great. That’s what’s called a ‘hot button’. You can expand without prying and get them to buy. The more hot buttons you have, the easier the close. Hot buttons can also be information they’ve shared with you. They’ve just had their son or daughter’s birthday. You could say…”Awesome…how old is he/she?”. Avoid questions like…”Did it go well?”. If it didn’t…you’ve probably just killed your sale. You could say…”Great, I trust everyone had a good time!”. (Much more likely to get a yes, as people will likely lie if something went wrong, just to appease you).

Don’t sound cheesy or they’ll be thinking…”Great, another sales person.” If you can’t do general chat, don’t try…just stick to presenting the facts about the product until you’re good at sounding you’re genuinely interested in helping them with their problem. By the way. If you’re not, they’ll pick up on the vibe. People aren’t stupid so learn to be genuine and you’ll close easier. They’ll pick up on nerves too. If you’re not confident chatting, best to stick to private messaging until you are. Much harder to guess someone’s nervous in a text message…sometimes impossible.

Start with texting using private messaging (PM) until you’re confident chatting on a smart phone or through a microphone. You’ll close easier!

Build a repore with your clients. Chat in a friendly manner, without overdoing it. Become the answers they seek. A warning here. Don’t pretend to know what you don’t. Your subject will pick up on it. They’ll think you’re a fraudster and avoid you. This is why you need to buy the product you’re selling. Preferably before you start, if not, as soon as possible. It’s not so that we can make money from you. It’s so that you know what you’re selling. By giving your client an overview of what it is they’re buying from you, they’ll be far more confident that they’re making an investment and not a mistake.


Timing is everything!

Be careful not to leave your sale too late either. If you’ve been in sales before you’ll appreciate that a good sales person is not a sales rep. One who is good at moving massive amounts of products and/or services is someone who can not just be a friend. They can also solve their new friend’s problem. After a while you’ll get an idea of when to move in for ‘the close’.