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What If You Discovered That Your Entire Life Has Been A Deception. That You’ve Been Held Back From Manifesting Your Greatest Desires And Freedom?

What if you awoke one morning to discover that pretty much everythimg you’ve learned about our Universe and how it works is a giant lie?

"Classwealth - The Matrix Deception"

Many of you will have already heard about…

The Great Awakening

What does this mean for you and why is it so powerful and transformational in people’s lives?

These are questions that require more complex answers…the reason we create courses. Yet, hold on. I’m not here to just sell you a course, nor even to make money.

What if I told you. It’s already done!

Ring A Bell? It should. It’s not just a quote from the character Morpheus in the Matrix movie. It’s recorded in history as the teachings of the great leader, prophet and Lord, Jesus The Christ.

" - Ring a bell"

What If?

What if I told you that a growing number of humans from every walk of life and a number of various faiths from around the world have discovered this…

How to stop working and manifest wealth and freedom?


Withheld Ancient Wisdom and Sacred Knowledge Has Now Been Rediscovered And Awakened Many

Members of Class Wealth International are re-discovering great knowledge and sacred wisdom, useful in starting their journey of transformation, just by becoming a free member. Before even investing in a single course.


The Good News

"Classwealth - How To Stop Working"

The Good News is that membership starts for free and provides you with informative blogs and resources that will kick start your new and transformed life into action.

You’ll be surprised how quickly your life can change when you have access to rich content. In addition to resources that will inspire you more to research the truth for yourself.



Q1. Is this a religion or associated with one?

A1. No. Our lessons are not associated with religion. We teach spirituality and how to attain class wealth. We do not exist to sway you from your chosen faith nor to enlist you in one. We often make references to and also teach Christ Consciousness. It’s a fascinating science and taught correctly it can completely turn your entire life around. From beggar to millionaire. From sick and down trodden to well healed.

I recall the true story of a man whose body was so wretched he literally had to drag his body around on all fours. For years he told himself there was nothing wrong with his bones and muscles. Although no doubt in a more complex way, mixed with hard concentration, as we teach. Eventually his sub conscious mind began to believe him. Today, he walks upright like any normal human being.

I have personally reversed the ageing process. People think I’m about 15 years younger and I’m moving towards 20 years younger. My goal is 30 years younger than I look now.

Through our dedicated research we have discovered how and why this science of consciousness became an indoctrinating religion and has achieved the opposite, stunting human spiritual progess to a devastating degree. We are not a religious cult nor do we associate with one. Did you know that Jesus didn’t use church to achieve his incredible displays of healing and manifestation? No, he went to the hills to acquire peace and spoke to the higher consciousness one on one. I and I, as Bob Marley once wrote.

" - Class Wealth"

Q2.  Why do we teach class wealth specifically and not just wealth?

A2.  Throughout many thousands of years we’ve seen how humanity has evolved and has split into three basic groups. Lower class, middle class and upper class. Class Wealth International believes that if one is to acquire wealth then one should not be snobby nor selfish. Nor should one be “in love with money”. Yet, one also has a responsibility to represent wealth and associate wealth in a more upper class manner. It’s old school thinking revived. In an age where good morals and values have slipped away from us all. It’s time to fix that whilst staying humble, relaxed and generous with wealth, helping others up.

Q3. Will I be required to donate a portion of my wealth or time, once I’m taught how to acquire financial and spiritual transfer?

A3. Through Class Wealth International, you’ll learn more about how the Universe works. In order to receive more from the Universe, you must first be willing to give more to the Universe. No…we’re not asking for money up front. As mentioned, you can start your journey with zero investment. What we’re saying here is that without learning the law of effort and reward you’ll make little to no progress. Let us take care of that for you. Our lessons are structured in a way that are easy to understand and our methods easy to apply. We basically take the complexities of manifestation and make them understandable and easy to use, even for the beginner.

" - Travel With Class Wealth International"

Q4. Is CWI a travel club?

A4. CWI is preparing to have its own world class travel club, to travel Internationally. Once we’ve taught enough students how to manifest their own desires, through leveraging their own incomes, ideas and businesses. For those who are keen, how to leverage the internet through affiliate marketing. We should be planning our first overseas group trips in about 12 to 18 months. During these excursions we’ll stay in high class hotels and wine and dine, visit clubs and take sight seeing tours. We’ll also gather to discuss which charities we’re donating 10% of our wealth to as individuals, or for those who are keen collectively.

What If You Could Completely Turn Your Life Around And Be Content?

If your current situation is discontent, whether you’re poor, well off or wealthy, it’s your frequencies!

" - Human Frequencies"

What do we mean by your frequencies?

Everything and every being in existence is vibrating at a certain frequency. Although these frequencies are constantly changing, most of humanity are stuck in a vibrational prison.

You’ll hear most people say “your vibrations are too low”. Whilst this may be true, it’s not entirely correct. Even lower vibrations can be used to our great advantage. Due to misunderstanding many are not taking advantage of these lower frequncies. Because of this, for many manifestation is either slow or can’t be achieved at all.

What happens?

They end up telling others that “the law of vibration” is a load of rubbish because “it didn’t work for me”. What a shame because now more are missing the truth, the bigger picture.

Class Wealth International will assist you to avoid these pitfalls. We’ll teach you well.


What Will I Learn?

How to use frequencies to recalibrate

How to recalibrate your consciousness

How to synchronize left/right brain hemispheres to manifest peace & wealth

What the Akasha is and how to tap into your Akashic Records to change them.

Learn how to activate your 5th density consciousness

Learn about vibrational frequency healing

How to discern reality from deception

How to get wealthier during a recession

How to control energy reception and manipulate brain wave patterns

Learn healthier habits to manifest more beneficial vibrations

Learn remote viewing to manifest more desired outcomes

Learn how remote viewing can severely increase your odds of winning lotto

Learn about the coming global recession that may see 50% of civil servants losing their jobs, due to downsizing and it may happen any time

Top financial analysts around the world say it could hapoen by Nov 2023. Others say next year

One cause is de-dollarisation. What is it and how will it affect the global economy

The following article paints a grim picture. Yet it’s still pretty kind really. Most analysts say we’re most likely to see the biggest global financial disaster since the great depression of 1929 – 1939

What you can do now to avoid sufferimg from this financial collapse and maybe even lose everything you’ve worked hard for

Another reason is the fading out of the fiat currency for the new quantum financial system that many don’t know about yet

Let’s Start Healing

Your Akashic Records


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