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"The wealthiest person on earth is one who appreciates"

[Author- Tony Robbins ]
[Money ~ Master The Game]

As a CWI Member, you'll have the privilege of staying in some of the classiest 5 star homes and Commercial accommodations, in some of the most exquisite locations from around the world, while you learn to 'earn and pay it forward'.

We're currently working hard to secure top deals with Hotels. Motels, Timeshares, Private Homes and other types of accommodations, from all over the world. You can soon enjoy the benefits of CWI's special group travel and accommodation discounts, on exclusive offer to our CWI Club Members.

Don't have the funds to travel yet? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We have a powerful Affiliate Program that can help you to travel, permanently if you wish. The best part is that it's free to join. There's no selling involved. The website takes care of that side of things. For those who are interested in learning techniques that could boost their income, we have free training available here also.

You're not required to book a holiday with CWI, in order to become a CWI Member. At any time, you can use our Frequency Healing programs to ensure your own financial and spiritual success..

You can also promote our products and courses for a great part time income, cut back on those work hours, even leave your job and take a permanent vacation with the Class Wealth International Travel Club.

Introduce just 18 new clients p.w and you'll gross around $854.64 p.w (USD). Yet, the true secret to having unlimited earning potential is earning a passive income. You'll earn this type of income from people paying a monthly fee, to be able to access products and courses in the Pro Members Area. It's a win win win situation. That's because they get to purchase the products and services that will enhance their lifestyle. You get to earn 50% income from the monthly membership fees that's paid by the clients you've introduced and CWI gets the other 50%. Read further below, for a more detailed overview.

Traveling with Class Wealth International, you'll literally feel like a Millionaire before you even become one. It's an important part of what we call 'Frequency Healers', our World Class Permanent Lifestyle Improvement Program.

Prep (Personal Revelation Empowerment Program), is the first stage of your 'personal lifestyle improvement journey'. If you purchase one of our 'all inclusive vacation packages', you'll also receive one-on-one coaching from one of our professionally trained consultants. Learn how to empower yourself to be of assistance to others in need, whilst healing the frequencies of your own past, present and future timelines. The 'stand alone' version without vacation package is extremely affordable, to suit any individual's budget. Once you've invested in one of our programs, you'll be redirected to the Members Area, where you can study online.

You'll discover through your Personal Revelation Empowerment Program, why this is so important and just how it can free your mind, body, soul and spirit and increase both your spiritual and financial freedom.
Class Wealth International.
Frequency Healers Program -

PREP - Read More
Who Are We?
We are an International Members only club that consists of humans of no particular religious, nor non religious affiliation. In fact, CWI exists to enhance the lives of individuals, families and the staff and management of businesses and corporations world wide. Regardless of your personal backgrounds and spiritual beliefs, CWI can assist you in your endeavours. You only require one attribute, to gain anything from our programs and that is an open and honest mind, heart, spirit and soul. Many of our members, though not required to, have an interest in creating their own business or already have their own business. Many others may wish to enhance their life and have no interest whatsoever in self employment. They just wish to use the programs which of course is fine too. Regardless, all of our Members have 1 common interest. We like to study to learn how to apply ethical techniques to our lives, that have been proven to create personal spiritual and financial freedom for ourselves and, at some stage when life turns a different corner, others also. Primarily, our approach is a little different than your usual wealth practitioner. We use advanced methods that are ancient in origin, yet largely unknown to most dwelling within modern society. Like a growing number of individuals creating wealth today, we pay 10% of our net earnings forward to a charity or charities of our own choice, prior to utilizing any of our increase for our own needs. We are individuals from every walk of life, who have a common interest in assisting others, who are working towards achieving financial and spiritual freedom, whilst achieving it ourselves. —————————————————– “Pride may or may not accompany accomplishment. This is up to each individual to decide and in what quantity. However, the absence of accomplishment can not result in pride. Therefore, in the absence of accomplishment pride is feigned and is really just ego and arrogance which is nothing more than a delusion of the mind. However, when one understands how to manipulate illusion, one can truly create anything one desires. The individual who can do this is truly ‘master of the mind’ and a seasoned practitioner of ‘mind over matter. This is the pure essence of Frequency Healers.” ———————————————————- Brett Young Creator of Frequency Healers Founder / CEO – CWI

Join Free – Income For Life – Financial Freedom In Just 90 days – No Selling!

Our Powerful Affiliate Program can set you up for financial and spiritual independence for life. All it takes is just 18 new clients per week, who were sent to this website, who then buy our ground breaking program "Frequency Healers" - Prep which is Phase 1, from which you'll earn $854.64 (USD) per week!

In fact, let's show you how you can be self employed in just 90 days from today, without selling a single thing. All you have to do is chat with people online. For best results use Facebook and Yahoo groups. Let the website do the talking. Just send them here, using your Click2Sell Affiliate Link. Even if your client clears their session cookies, each time they're online, their visit still leaves long term permanent cookies deep within their laptop, smartphone or desktop. You can email your clients our pre-designed promo's from time to time as well. You can access them through your Affiliate Dashboard, once logged in. So, if you're concerned about cookies expiring, you needn't be. With your affiliate link pasted into each email, prior to emailing our simple cut and paste professional looking promos, you'll re-establish brand new cookies.

That means you'll always get paid, even years down the track. Even if they change computers! This is how all professional Affiliate Platforms work. It's completely ethical and legal tracking, because they're interested in the products and services you've told them about. Clicking your link, makes it a legal binding contract.

Once they reach our site, they'll fill in the signup form. This gives them Free Access to our Membership site, where some products are free. They'll want to purchase other non free programs there, to enhance their health, wealth, lifestyle and spirit. To get access to these products and services, they must join the Pro Members section of our membership site.

We also auto email your clients promos and offers, to sustain their interest. Although we never spam and don't allow our Affiliates to either. So, in order for those you have introduced to buy a Pro product or Service, they'll pay the monthly membership fee of just $27. You'll receive 50% of that which is $13.50 (USD) less Click2Sell Fees = $13.50 - $1.22 = $12.28

Around two thirds of those you've introduced will remain members. Simply introduce 35 new members a week, only 7 per night and you can be fully self employed within just 90 days!

35 ( - 1 third 35 -12 = 23), 23 x 13 weeks = 299 Pro Members. 299 Pro Members x $12.28 = $3,671.72 monthly income. $3,671.72 / 4.333 weeks = $847.39 USD per week!

Easy eh! Who can't PM (Private Message), someone on Facebook or Yahoo. Even totally shy people with no sales skills can do this. Because, there's no selling and no face to face contact. Just PM them the link!

Want an even higher income or self employment in under 90 days? Easy....just PM more people. This is simply a numbers game. The more people you give your link to, the more you'll earn!

It's possible to be self employed within 30 days. There are no restrictions. It's totally your choice!

Get started now....the sooner you start, the sooner you can start traveling to the most awesome places around the globe, donating 10% of your increase while you holiday permanently. The best part? You can book a group vacation with other members of Class Wealth International and attend CWI conferences. That's where you'll not only learn all the hot tips from some of the best in CWI. You'll also be treated to guest speakers who you can party until dawn with afterwards, sometimes at some of the most luxury private resorts in the world! There are packages of varying degrees, so there's something for everyone.

Imagine opening your laptop or using your smartphone from the poolside of a Hilton Hotel, working while you lay in the cool shade of an umbrella sipping a cocktail!



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