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What’s the fastest way to make an income online? By also socializing with others who are interested offline!

Hang around with other Online Marketers and emulate those who have found success already.

CWI is revolutionizing the way individuals make money online, by taking it offline!

How Does This Work?
On this page you’ll find a link to our CWI Facebook Group. From this Group you can reach out to other Online Marketers in your area. To kick start this concept, I’ve currently formed the first CWI Online Marketers ‘offline social club’. This is based in Auckland. New Zealand. Those who are interested in joining our offline club, to socialize and work online together, can contact our admin department directly at Email:

It’s much more fun to build your business with others and share the experience together. It’s also faster!

Simply join a group in your local area. We’re happy to list your Group on our own CWI Facebook Group page, so long as it’s solely a CWI Facegroup Group and meets with our approval. If not, we’ll make a few simple alteration suggestons. If there isn’t one that’s close to you, you can create one and invite them into your group, through your own online Facebook Group, or if they live in your local area through our CWI Facebook Group.

To keep everyone safe, you’ll need at least one public place to meet your new member/s first. 1 – 4 times a month, designated members of your club can meet at this offline location to ‘vet’ new members, exchange ID and explain how your club works. It’s up to you to choose your own name and set your own ‘club rules’ and also whether you charge a fee to join or not. However, you are not permitted to use either CWI or Class Wealth International in your club’s name. You can promote awareness and the opportunity, so long as you do this professionally, with respect to CWI and others.

We suggest, hire or share some small office space. Divide the expenses amongst all members, by way of a formal contract. Once you get to know each other better, you can start meeting at each other’s homes. Book a group dinner, see a movie, go ten-pin bowling etc. After that, you can hit the pc’s together and start Social Network chatting, promoting CWI together. It’s great to be able to share tips, stories etc and support each other in Making Money Online. Even so, it’s good to keep the offline shared office space. You’ll enjoy this business a lot more if you have a business place you can use and not just each other’s homes. This will impress new members who may see this as a more professional oportunity, after all we’re looking to fill both demographics.

In forming both your Facebook Group and your offline social club, all we ask is, please restrict it solely to those interested in working the CWI opportunity. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from starting your own separate networking club for other online/offline opportunities. Groups listings on our CWI Facebook Group page are restricted solely to groups/clubs networking the Class Wealth International / ‘CWI’ opportunity!

Join The CWI Facebook Group

# Open your Facebook App and type Class Wealth Intl into ‘Groups’.

# Click Join Group and we’ll see you there!